Round 6 NORC Groundtrax Anglesey run by NWLRC

Monday, 28th August 2017 (all day)

Location: Anglesey

This event is in the past.

1 day event Monday the 28th August.

All, please can you all complete your entry for Anglesey ASAP as I believe it will book up quickly as it is also a round of the interclub championship as well as the NORC championship. Can all attendees complete the attached entry form if you have a NORC package and we will be paying your entry just pay for camping as applicable, at the side of the Comp safari £60 section just add "NORC season package" and we will sort out your payment, the classes for the event listed below are slightly different to our but I will convert them after the event back to our classes for the championship:

Class 1 independent
Class 2 coil sprung beam axel over 4ltr
Class 3 Coil sprung beam axel under 4ltr
Class 4 Coil Sprung Diesel- all engine sizes
Class 5 Leaf Sprung – all engine sizes
Class 6 Production Vehicles - all engine sizes
Class 7 two wheel drive - all engine sizes
Class 8 Sports Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) - all engine sizes

Do it ASAP and don't moan if you can't get an entry because you have left it late

NWLRC Interclub 2017

We are currently having some work to update the NWLRC website, in the meantime anyone wishing to book early can use the attached Booking form, we will keep you updated on the website progress.

We look forward to seeing you all at Anglesey 

Wyn & Gina 
NWLRC club secretary

Entry form attached here



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